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19/12/2020 News

Total, a supporter of solidarity in the Béarn

Total was the sponsor of the “Solidarity” category of the “Béarnais of the year 2020 awards” and was very proud and happy to see the reward go to the personnel of the assisted living facility Les Jardins d’Acadie in Pau.

Many solidarity actions were undertaken in 2020, particularly during lockdown. Ten profiles were selected by Pyrénées Presse for the “Solidarity” category of the “Béarnais of the year awards” sponsored by Total.

Personnel of the assisted living facility Les Jardins d’Arcadie in Pau were elected “Béarnais of the year 2020” in this category: during the first lockdown, the manager of the facility and five of her employees decided to self-isolate with the 75 residents. Pascal Breton, Total’s representative for the occasion, presented the award remotely on Saturday, December 19 from the studio set up at the Palais Beaumont.


Why was being a partner of the “Béarnais of the year 2020” event so important, and more particularly the “Solidarity” category?

First of all, a family celebration is not something you can refuse. The Béarn region is one of the birthplaces of the Group, which has strong roots here; it has become a home for more than 3,000 of Total’s employees and their families. It is crucial for us to be a part of the region’s social fabric.

This event organized in such difficult conditions – my congratulations to all the teams – gives prominence to all the people that make the wheels of the region go round. It showcases all of its facets: the people, young and not so young, innovation and commitment... a region that’s moving forward, looking to the future. An event like this is really uplifting, and it would have been unthinkable for us not to be here tonight, particularly for solidarity.


Speaking of which, how do you support solidarity projects across the Béarn region and elsewhere?

We like to say that being an economic player is not enough. Of course, this is one of the things we are known for, as well as supporting the Section, but we are less well-known for our social actions with the Total Foundation.

Solidarity creates deep bonds among people, and this is true in the company and in the region. We try to communicate with the host communities as much as possible to determine their cultural or social needs, particularly as regards the social integration of young people as they are the future of the region. We carry out many local initiatives, such as the production school project.


The personnel of the Jardins d’Acadie won the award, and you fought for them to be shortlisted among the finalists. Do you have a message for them?

Yes: congratulations! The women representing the Jardins D’Arcadie were a firm favorite of the Total team, and we’re very happy to see the reward go to them. First, because it was a collective action, and doing things together is essential. I’d like to say that what you did went beyond solidarity, it was an act of compassion; you helped all these patients stay safe and you kept them from being alone, and we all know how dangerous isolation is for elderly people. You built a new family, founded on good humor and sharing. It must have been a fabulous human adventure for you all, and I can well imagine that it must have been quite difficult to leave after the lockdown... I would like to sincerely thank you for this extraordinary adventure. Once again, congratulations!


Total partenaire de  la catégorie " Solidaires "