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26/01/2021 News

The Stars of the Economy: Total backs innovation and diversification


“The Stars of the Economy” is an important event for the Béarn region. The gala evening award ceremony is usually attended by hundreds of local players. In view of the current health crisis, Total is nonetheless honoring its commitments and has decided to continue to support the event which recognizes the initiatives taken by people who work to catalyze the economic activity of our region.

Total is well known for its innovation capacities, in particular in Pau and Lacq with the research and expertise centers that have developed on both sites: the CSTJF and the PERL.  For this oil major which has made the transition to a  broad energy group, diversification is also a topical issue and one perfectly in line with its activity, even at a local scale.


Survival hinges on innovation and diversification

“Giving center stage to economic players who have managed to get through the current period by adapting, is being attentive to others. Showcasing their creative initiatives is a real plus for collective success and our ambition is to support the local region, from an economic standpoint and in all the aspects that give it appeal. Innovation is a response to the challenges we face in many sectors: technical, organizational, social, cultural … In a world that changes constantly, and fast, keeping up with the pace is crucial – as the year we have just worked through goes to show.” explains Thierry Renard, VP General Administration of the Pau Scientific and Technical Center and Total's Territorial Group Representative in Greater South West France.


Watch (only in French) Thierry Renard’s account in the Matinales de l’économie, a video series program broadcast by Pyrénées Presse as part of the Stars of the Economy 2021:


The Stars of the Economy evening was streamed live on the République des Pyrénées website on January 26.  But there will be no prize winners this year, it’s all about showcasing inspirational initiatives and reflect on the changes brought about in local companies. A commendable event that trains the spotlight on local driving forces. Watch the video on the Pyrénées Presse website.