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Health Safety Environment Quality

As a major energy player, we place our environmental and societal commitments at the heart of our strategy. Supporting this ambition means first of all guaranteeing the safety and security of personnel in all our activities, as well as meeting the challenges of climate change and actively contributing to reinforce our local integration.

In the field, our capacity to operate anywhere in the world in a safe, reliable and responsible manner, is the cornerstone of our operational excellence and economic performance.


Safety is one of the biggest challenges that our Exploration & Production teams have to meet. Because it is one of our Group’s fundamental values and the keystone of our entire strategy, our ambition in this area applies at all levels. From safety in the workplace, to process and transportation safety in operations. It is hardwired in our processes and guides our actions on a daily basis. We do all we can to make sure that everyone – our employees, our partners, our contractors and local stakeholders – shares this value.

Safety for all day in and day out

At the CSTJF, the H3SEQ business lines play a key role. They are present at all stages in the exploration & production chain to prevent risks and reduce the impacts of our activities on our employees, the local populations and the environment.

  • The teams in charge of safety and industrial hygiene are tasked with contributing to reduce major accidents on production sites, and in land, maritime and air transportation, wherever the Group operates. The HSE teams draw up plans and rules and make sure they are enforced, while nurturing a preventive mindset that is required to ensure optimum working conditions.
  • The aim of security is to safeguard assets and people and prevent any malicious acts. This includes site surveillance.
  • Manage our global footprint (environmental, economic, social, etc.) and be a vector of local development, wherever the Group operates. For this purpose, we favor an approach based on dialog and seek to strike up relationships that are both beneficial for our host regions and our activities.
  • The environment is doubtless one of the most exemplary and ambitious sections. There is not one site or installation project that escapes analysis by the teams in charge of implementing the Group’s environmental policy, the aim being to fight pollution or reduce its effects.
  • The quality business lines take care of coordinating and verifying the application of the quality policy on the Group’s operating sites and must also ensure that the company fully complies with ISO standards 9001 and 9004. Their mission is to provide their quality expertise and perform audits to encourage the appropriation of the quality policy by all personnel.

We consistently promote stringent safety management, essential for sharing our safety culture and making sure it is appropriated by our personnel and external stakeholders. We deploy a structured and rigorous operational approach. Identifying the risks, anticipating, checking, acting and continuously improving our safety performances, particularly by developing advanced technologies, are just some of the commitments and actions that set the pace of our employees and partner companies daily lives in order to meet the Group’s core goal: zero fatal accidents. Safety is really a guarantee of operational efficiency: the sites on which safety is the strictest often obtain the best performances.

ZOOM on security challenges

HSE golden rules


The CSTJF considers respect for the environment as an equally important priority. According to the sustainable development scenario of the International Energy Agency (IEA), hydrocarbons should represent almost half of the primary energy mix in 2040: they will continue to play a decisive role when it comes to meeting the world’s energy demands.

As a major energy player, we are well aware of the risks of our activities for the environment. To meet the energy needs of the world population, our exploration & production teams perform their activities while keeping a close eye on the ecological, environmental and social conditions, and do so throughout the lifetime of our projects even after a field has stopped producing and has been rehabilitated. Continuous improvement of our environmental performance calls for ongoing vigilance that is rigorously applied both in projects and on the production sites operated by the Group across the world.