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TOTAL DÉVELOPPEMENT RÉGIONAL (Total regional development)

TDR - French Version

For the past 40 years, Total Développement Régional (TDR) has been encouraging and supporting the creation, takeover and development of SMEs in France and helping them to turn international business into a lever for growth. On the Group's industrial platforms undergoing conversion and in addition to the investment programs carried out by the Group for the development of new activities, Total Développement Régional supports third party projects for the construction of new industrial units.


Supporting projects: that is Total Développement Régional’s promise to businesses. Looking at 40 years of actions upheld by TDR, the results speak for themselves: support to more than 4,000 businesses, nearly €340 million loaned and 75,000 jobs created or maintained. The results for 2019 alone illustrate the growing importance of the support provided, with 187 SMEs receiving assistance, nearly €8 million in loans committed and more than 4,200 jobs supported in France.


Map delegues


Lacq BassinTotal Développement Régional, in particular Eric Verbrugge who is based locally, work hand in hand with CHEMPARC, local economic players (the Pau Pyrénées Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Lacq Orthez community of municipalities, among others) and SOBEGI (an affiliate fully owned by Total) to prospect for and support the implementation of industrial projects on and near the Lacq and Mourenx platforms (IndusLacq and Chem'pôle 64, respectively).

Total Développement Régional has carried out a series of actions and developed tools to increase the visibility of platforms managed by SOBEGI. Read the following articles on our website: Experience the Lacq Advantage are SOBEGI's plug&play solutions for taking action, acting sustainably, innovating and fostering growth in the Lacq basin.

Total Développement Régional works alongside its regional economic development partners (the Entreprendre network, CCI, Aquiti, Initiative France, and techno-parks such as Helioparc, etc.) to identify SMEs and start-ups that they could support together in order to accelerate their growth.

Southwest France is often cited as one of the most dynamic regions in the country owing, in part, to Total Développement Régional’s contribution to the development of employment and the creation of economic value.

The key figures for Nouvelle Aquitaine region since 2015 speak for themselves: €4 million loaned to almost 50 companies help to save 1,000!


photo vitirover


VITIROVER, a company based in Saint-Emilion (French department 33), designs electric grass-cutting robots, solar-charged and GPS-guided as an alternative to weed killers. Total Développement Régional supported Vitirover's growth with a €30,000 loan for 15 jobs.


Laureat Shark robotics


SHARK ROBOTICS, an SME located in La Rochelle (French department 17), specializes in land and maritime robotics. It designs top-of-the-range robots used in the fields of security, defense, industry, energy and nuclear power. Total Développement Régional supported the creation of Shark Robotics with a €60,000 loan, leading to the creation of 35 jobs.

Laureat Lynxter



LYNXTER, a company in Bayonne (French department 64) that manufactures multi-media 3D printers for the industry. Total Développement Régional supported the creation of Lynxter, with a €35,000 loan for 22 jobs at stake.



Prof en poche


PROFS EN POCHE, a company located in Pau (French department 64), is a smart-phone application that helps thousands of students on a daily basis to revise, do their homework and to guide them in choosing their career paths. Total Développement Régional supported the creation of this company with a €30,000 loan for 18 jobs on the line.


Mecamont hydro


MECAMONT HYDRO, a company located in Lannemezan (French department 65), and specialized in the manufacture of lifting and handling equipment (hydroelectricity, ski lifts, cableways, industry, work at height). Total Développement Régional supported the takeover of this SME, with a €100,000 loan for 90 jobs at stake.