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Take action with total foundation

Being a main player in the local area means making commitments through a whole host of different actions with the aim of building strong and empathic relations with the local environment. Through its global solidarity program and alongside its partners, the Group wants to contribute to the development of the areas where it has a long-standing presence.

The Total Foundation program targets young people and is based on four main areas: 

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In the aim of bringing effective solutions to local development through a structured approach, we have chosen partners, projects and resources for these actions that are consistent with our know-how, values and priority areas. We support citizenship initiatives in particular for young people.

In Pau, the Béarn region and in Southwest France, we are involved in many different solidarity initiatives.


This association enables children from priority neighborhoods in Pau to play an orchestral instrument. The Total Foundation and the CSTJF are proud to have been supporting the Action! team and its projects since 2016.


The Total foundation relies on the team at the CSTJF to liaise with local players in education, social integration, industry and local communities, to create a production school. 100 Production schools for France.


Alongside local players, the CSTJF is preparing the deployment in Pau of the major international road safety education program “VIA” for young people aged 10-18. The foundations in the Total group and Michelin work for road safety education for the next generation.


Learn French as an extra asset to integrate the job market through training: the CSTJF monitors a partnership between Pau university and the Total Foundation.


The Total Foundation supports the preservation of heritage in the areas where the Group is present. It places young people at the heart of its commitment. That’s why including the aspects of social integration, training, learning, know-how transfer, access to independence and to employment is a determining factor in the choice of the restoration sites we choose and support. The team at the CSTJF maintains trusting relations with the local and regional committees of the Heritage Foundation. Some of the programs we support: The Théâtre de verdure (open air theatre) and the Pavillon des Arts in Pau, the Château d'Abbadia in Hendaye, the Salt Museum in Salies de Béarn, the Cinema in Guéthary, the Mill in Bénesse-lès-Dax, the Bastide médiévale in Navarrenx, etc.



Under the aegis of Total Foundation, Planète Énergies aims to provide the keys to understanding different sources of energies to the younger generations, to their professors, their parents and to anyone who is interested in energy issues.
Promoting energy knowledge to as many people as possible also encourages debate. Both large and small companies have a role to play in this collective approach by participating — with schools and universities — in sharing knowledge directly or via their foundations. Planète Énergies clearly and unequivocally showcases this essential contribution to the industrial energy lines.

Every year, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, employees from Total propose to give conferences in academic establishments from primary school to high school. By doing so, they contribute to achieving the Planète Energies objectives.

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