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An eco-responsible approach

Total’s partnership with the Section is part of a cross-functional approach. Total supports the sport and promotes an eco-responsible approach in the Club. At Total’s initiative – the Club’s major partner – the Section Paloise Béarn Pyrénées became the very first French club to offer an eco-friendly rugby shirt in August 2020. The “Greenest jersey”, a replica for fans, is made entirely from recycled plastics.

Watch the 'behind the scenes' video of the very first 100% recycled rugby shirt

The Greenest Rugby Shirt

Committed personnel

Alongside the players, employees from the CSTJF and the PERL actively participate in the civic operations on offer, particularly through the Action! program. Some are performed in partnership with the Pau Béarn Pyrénées conurbation. In our view, it is important to support educational actions and contribute to social cohesion within the Béarn region and South West France,  a belief reflected in our actions to offer snacks and meals during the children’s days, and family invitations for matches at the Hameau stadium



Local dynamics involved in the regional enthusiasm for rugby

At each match played by the Section Paloise Béarn Pyrénées at the Hameau stadium, almost 200 seats are reserved for local associations supported by the CSTJF and the PERL. The young players and volunteers of the region’s amateur rugby clubs are also invited to each match at the Hameau to see the region’s top team in action on the field. Since the beginning of the health crisis, Total has endeavored to show its solidarity with the representatives of professions which have been on the front line throughout – health workers, the police, etc. – by offering hundreds of seats to matches played in Pau. 

Our passion for rugby unites us, which is why it is important for us to invite our partners, clients, and employees, with whom we build or foster long-term relationships.